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It's restoration time down under!

This Australian bushfire season has been more catastrophic than anyone predicted. This conclusion comes from climate researchers who described the devastation as a "fiery wake-up call for climate science".

The fires have left 33 people dead and an estimated 1 billion animals lost while burning an area of land the size of England.

The side-effects of the fires are no picnic either, as smoke pollution blanketed vast parts of the country for months during the crisis and may have been the cause of 400 respiratory illness associated deaths.  

Fallout from the fires has choked some main rivers and water lines, coloring them black and suffocating fish and other marine life in the process. Making it hard for species that depend on waterways to find their daily meal. 

Not to mention the devastating hit taken by the country's mammal population, especially koalas. Bringing up a demand to declare the local marsupials critically endangered.

As Australia bounces back from the fires, local organizations and communities are hard at work restoring what was lost. We can all make a difference and contribute to the restoration efforts. 



  • Linda Serio

    I bought bracelets for my grandchildren to remind them of Australia’s plight and, of course, to plant trees.

  • David d Mendenhall

    I have planted trees and help save sick trees when I can

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