The Elephant Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)
The Elephant Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)
The Elephant Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)
The Elephant Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)
The Elephant Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)
The Elephant Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)

The Elephant Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)

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Plant a tree for Elephants!

African Elephants have already disappeared from much of the continent and are nearing extinction. Deforestation and illegal poaching are taking a horrific toll on their populations.

Elephants spend most of their time in search of food and shade, the trees they rely on to survive are being cut down at an astonishing rate. You can make a difference by planting trees for elephants and raise awareness to limit illegal poaching.

  • One Bracelet. One Tree.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping
  • Bracelet length: 16-18.5 cm (6.3-7.3 inches)
  • Material: Natural Turquoise

Our Elephant Bracelet helps you make a difference by planting a tree to restore their habitats and give them a fighting chance. 

Why plant trees?

Elephants make their home in the tropical forests of Central Africa, and a range of woodland habitats in West Africa. Trees are being cleared out at an extreme rate, destroying their habitats. They are left with no home, and with no food left after deforestation. 

Trees are essential for the Elephant's survival. Providing food and shelter to thousands of animals. However, not enough people are helping replant trees after governments and big corporations keep logging them down. 

You can make a direct impact!

By purchasing your bracelet from Treehuggers, you are directly funding our tree planting operation in Africa and helping raise awareness of Elephant abuse and habitat destruction. The damage from deforestation cannot be undone, but because of people like you, we are able to help plant thousands of trees to begin to restore these fragile ecosystems.