Mama Charm Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)
Mama Charm Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)

Mama Charm Bracelet (Plant a Tree 🌲)

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+ Bracelet Size: Up to 20cm (7.9 inches)

+ Charm Size: 3 cm (1.2 inches)

+ Material: Copper

+ Free Worldwide Shipping

One bracelet. One tree. 🌲

No need to wait until Mother's Day to get this beautiful Charming Mama Charm Bracelet. Perfect for every mother who likes to give back to nature.

Each bracelet purchased plants one tree and helps protect wildlife and ecosystems lost to deforestation. The trees we plant today will make a huge positive impact for generations to come, and help raise awareness for nature.

Make a Direct Impact - Over 160,000 Trees Planted

Millions of acres of trees are cut down every year, and that's not counting the massive destruction caused by wildfires. The damage can not be undone but by purchasing a bracelet from us you will have a direct impact on saving wildlife in the regions that need it most, giving nature a loving hug. 

Help restore natural habitats destroyed by illegal logging and wildfires. Our bracelets are leading the fight to restore some of our planet's most precious ecosystems. Making them habitable again for wildlife to come back and flourish. Each bracelet plants 1 tree and makes a huge impact!