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Everyone can make a difference, together we can create change.
We are on a mission to bring together the world’s biggest tree planting community!
Connecting people and planting trees as a way to start healing the Earth, and each other.

Reforest Now grow and plant trees in Australia to protect, conserve and regenerate forests. An environmental NGO based in Byron Bay.

Reforest Now grows over 100 species, planting where forests were cut down Read More...

Founded nearly 145 years ago, American Forests remains a world leading planting organization, creating healthy and resilient forests across the USA.

American Forests is bringing millions of acres of forest back to life. Read more...

Want to recommend a new planting organization? We would love to get your input and learn about new organizations to partner with.

Contact us and let us know about your favorite planting organization. Leave us a message.


Our story

Founded in 2019, Treehuggers Bracelets is a pro nature, eco-friendly brand that plants one tree with every item purchased. We carefully choose the materials we work with as well as our suppliers to ensure the best experience possible for our community.

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Creating change

Together we can make it happen

About 80% of terrestrial life makes trees their home, including humans. Planting trees all over the world is our best chance to make a positive impact on local eco-systems, while making a huge global change. Trees are responsible for so much of the things we take for granted, among them are our fresh air and clean water.

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