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The Pro-Earth Movement Starts Here

The Pro-Earth Movement Starts Here

In 2019, we began a worldwide movement to inspire people to love their environment, and to recognize their own place in it. We called it the Pro-Earth Movement. 

To date, tens of thousands of women and men have joined our Treehuggers community, and become a part of this Pro-Earth Revolution. Every day, this community of Pro-Earth Treehuggers continues to grow and inspire new generations to love and care for nature and all its beauty. 

To our Treehuggers community, caring for nature is something to celebrate. It's not something to fear or ignore. Your caring nature is something to take pride in, to revel in, and to honor every day. Besides planting trees and protecting forestland, your bracelets signify a state of mind. Caring for nature and for your place in it. 

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