how to save a species (if you love lions keep reading)

October 23, 2021 at 08:32am EDT | Written by Alice Mitchell

Cecil a 13-year-old black maned lion, was found dead in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park. The cause of death was not an accident. Cecil did not get sick or catch a fight with another lion. His death was avoidable and unnecessary. But can it serve as a lesson to us all?

Cecil has touched the hearts of millions around the world, and was the park’s most famous inhabitant. 

At 5,657 square miles, Hwange National Park is 18 times the size of New York City. In that space live more than 100 different kinds of mammals and an estimated 500 species of birds. An unmatched level of biodiversity. It is also a strict no hunting area.

But that didn’t matter.

It is alleged that on a crisp July morning, local hunting guides dragged the carcass of an African elephant, killed earlier in the week, to roughly 300 meters (330 yd) from the park's perimeter. Luring Cecil out of the park’s protected area.

Once outside the park's no hunt zone, shooting was “fair game”. An American dentist who paid for the hunt shot and wounded Cecil with an arrow from his compound bow. It took another 10 hours for the poor animal to finally pass away, as the hunters watched his every painful move.

"Only 20,000 lions are left in the wild. In less than 20 years, lions will become extinct"

Cecil's body was then skinned, his head was removed and taken away as a prize. Weeks later, the lion’s headless body was discovered by park rangers. Already decaying and scavenged by vultures. 

What Can You Do To Help? 

Unfortunately, most people will never act. We shake our heads in dismay but then go on about our day. Forgetting the fact that we make a huge impact on this world and carry a huge responsibility to protect it. 

But some people will step up and make a difference. In fact, almost 30,000 people around the world have already joined the cause.  

By purchasing this official Lion Protector Bracelet you actively take a stand against trophy hunting and help save other lions from meeting Cecil’s fate. 

This bracelet sends a clear personal message about which side you are on. Wear it with pride as a symbol of your involvement and help spread the word. Educate your friends and family on the matter, share this message, and raise awareness. Informing others and taking a stand are the best ways you can help save these lions. 

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