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bring together the world’s biggest tree planting community

In September 2019, crazy fires both wild and man made raged through the Amazon rainforest. The fires were well documented in media outlets around the world, and received a lot of attention. Mainly by everyday people begging to help. 

But the fires didn’t seem to concern everyone on the same level. Politicians, governments and decision makers in particular seemed reluctant to lift a finger and do something about it. And what was true in the Amazon remained consistent in other parts of the world, where fires continue to burn. California, Australia, South Africa, among others, all suffered the same faith. Charred land and bruised nature.

Come gather 'round, people

For the times they are a-changin'

Every time an environmental story hits the news, it stays there for a few days and then it fades away, making room for the other articles and stories of the day. Trouble is that while the story fades away, the problem remains. 

It was then that we decided to stop sitting on the sidelines and decided to act. 

We realized that real change starts on the ground level, with us, the people. As a cause driven business we began offering a “bargain” for our customers. For every item purchased in our store a tree will be planted. We partnered with tree planting organizations in America, Australia and Brazil. And stated our mission. 

Bring people together, creating the world’s biggest tree planting community. 



The response was overwhelming. And within a few short weeks we were able to raise funds to plant over 100,000 trees. Connecting over 60,000 people with our planting partners. 

This was truly amazing. We actually did something that matters. But the best part was that all these people out there who were strangers once are now suddenly connected. Sharing the same story that deserves to be told. A story that keeps evolving, it doesn’t stop. Because it’s yours. You made a difference.

Connected by a magical thread on a wrist, we were able to change something in this world, together. It feels so good knowing the world out there is enjoying our work, in every sense of the word. 

Our community keeps growing every day, our bracelets signify a bond and a pledge. A community committed to share its passion for nature. 

One bracelet. One tree.

We plant one tree in protected areas all over the world for every product purchased.

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