Treehuggers Community Update

Hello fellow Treehuggers, we hope you are all safe and sound! We’ve been working on a few things and would like to keep you updated.

Like many in the past few weeks, we have been experiencing delays in releasing materials used to create our bracelets and subsequently in deliveries. These delays are the result of increased worldwide health and safety inspections conducted by the United States Postal Service, its global partners and by customs authorities around the world. These are precautionary checks carried out on all cargo being transported in the past weeks. By co-operating with the increased health and safety screenings, we are making sure that our products are 100% safe and that there is no risk associated with the materials we use.

While cargo shipments throughout the globe have been slowed down considerably. We have been successful at supplying our workshop with the materials needed to create and ship more bracelets. Your order has been processed and you will receive your shipping and tracking notification as soon as your order is shipped.

We sincerely apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience and understanding.

On a happier note… Our trees are starting to make a difference in the world!

As a community, we have been able to fund over 50,000 trees to be planted in the month of January alone! Most of these funds have been dispatched and distributed between planting partners who will carry on with growing and planting the new trees within the next 3 months.

We are also introducing a new Australian planting partner this month. Reforest Now, a great organization on a mission to turn cleared land back into forests and rainforests that once stood in Australia spanning from NSW and into Queensland. These forests are home to some of the most incredible species and biodiversity on the planet. Reforest Now is working to plant hundreds of thousands of trees to accomplish this mission and create a vast and thriving forest.

These happy do-gooders also run a nursery that is in charge of growing strong, healthy baby trees. Everything in the tree life cycle is done by Reforest Now professionals, employees and volunteers. From native seed collecting to growing correct species, making sure that the trees planted are of the right varieties and are suited for the right eco-system.

We are 100% sure that our trees are in safe hands. To learn more and to make direct donations please visit Reforest Now.

A look into the future...

The recent experiences have led us to reconsider the ways in which our supply chain operates. Over the next few weeks, we will be improving our methods with greener, eco-friendlier approaches to both production and shipping. And will also be launching a couple of new bracelet designs made from scratch and designed by our lovely Brazilian designer, Isabela. These new designs will promote reforestation efforts all over the world and will be initially offered to our beloved followers at a major discount.

While still young, our team and community are starting to make a real difference in the world. Treehuggers was started because we believe that it is up to each and every one of us to make a difference, wherever we can. We believe that by working together we can reforest our globe, clean our air, better our earth, account for our nature. We began a journey of 1,000 miles as you would any journey, in small steps. Slowly but surely, we will reach the mountain top together, look down and see nothing but trees below.

Before you ask... No, this photo is not from Australia. It's from Yellowstone national park, Wyoming 😃

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