This guy planted a forest with his bare hands!

Jadev Payeng, the forest man of India, noticed that the environment around him was changing.

Trees were dying, the river was flooding, animals were fleeing, and the land was disappearing. But instead of sitting back, watching it happen, he actually did something about it and created a huge change.

Today, the forest he started planting over 40 years ago is bigger than New York’s central park!

Jadev became a role model in his home country, we hope his story will inspire you as it did us. Because it’s up to each and every one of us to make a difference.




  • I heard about Mr. Jadev Paveng some years back. He truly is an amazing and inspirational man. He saw a change in the environment, picked a barren area of land a distance away from his home and planted a tree there each day for forty years. As you saw in the video, his determination resulted in a beautiful forest that attracted animals to the formally barren area.

    Dale L. Koerber
  • Watched the video and was so impressed by one man’s determination to DO something and be one individual showing many that you have the strength & grit to visualize something becoming a reality. To me I was in tears watching this amazing man start with 1 🌲 and because of him, now it’s a beautiful, green, viable forest!! This story to me speaks volumes of what 1 individual can do to improve our beautiful planet!! What a powerful message this India farmer has given us all!!! 👏❤️🧡💙💚🌲🌍

    Tanija Popoff
  • Awesome man and it left me speechless.

    Sharon Mauldin
  • You are truly magical. You must have a special touch. What beautiful work you do for the world.

    Karen Ruff
  • This is an amazing man. His story makes you realize that one person can make a huge difference. His story brings tears to your eyes..

    Patricia Faucher

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