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This guy planted a forest with his bare hands!

Jadev Payeng, the forest man of India, noticed that the environment around him was changing.

Trees were dying, the river was flooding, animals were fleeing, and the land was disappearing. But instead of sitting back, watching it happen, he actually did something about it and created a huge change.

Today, the forest he started planting over 40 years ago is bigger than New York’s central park!

Jadev became a role model in his home country, we hope his story will inspire you as it did us. Because it’s up to each and every one of us to make a difference.



  • A.McKenna

    What an inspirational man . He is a credit to his country and his family by showing us that one person efforts can have a huge positive effect on nature and our planet. I hope he keeps up all his goid work and that what he has done shows others in his and other countries can improve their lives.

  • Laura Darden

    Wow!! This is amazing!

  • Petra

    I love this man, he made me cry by watching what he created.  He showes us, how important we are as individuals …ignorance isn't bliss anymore! 💜💜💜

  • Nika

    I’m a teacher and I know that if you do something systematicly, day after day, you will have a result, you can change something in yourself and around you. The mind can change the reality. And this guy from India has proved this idea!!! He’s managed to create a beautiful world around him. What a great personality!!! Thank you a lot, Indian farmer!!!

  • Bruna Balbinotti Mileki

    Beautiful example!!!

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