This bear is not alone, unfortunately.

The National Fire Center is warning: High potential for fires across much of America’s natural forestland. Wildlife at risk. 

A historically dry winter and the hot spring that followed, have left fire-fueling, dry vegetation on the ground. Creating the “perfect” conditions for an earlier start to the fire season. States like Colorado and California among others, have already seen fires early this spring. With bigger, faster fires picking up quickly amid the hot and dry conditions

Unfortunately, we’re already seeing a bit of a preview of what’s to come.

This June, firefighters battling the flames in Colorado spotted a lone injured bear and immediately called Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers.

All four of the bear’s paws were badly burned when wildlife officers found him resting in reeds next to a pond. They slowly approached the injured 1-year-old bear but he did not move.

“You could tell it was in real pain”.

The officers were able to transport the injured bear to a local wildlife rehabilitation center to be examined and treated.

Across the road from where the bear was found a fire raged, leaving spots of charred land and burning stumps. We can’t say exactly what happened, but it looks like the poor bear was trapped between burning patches of forest and had to move quickly to save itself.

Veterinary professionals who examined the bear said that while his paws were badly burned, there was no permanent damage. The burned skin was removed, and the bear’s paws were bandaged.


Wildfires pose a greater risk for wildlife with every passing year. Dry conditions, shorter rainy seasons and longer summers are the fuels wildfires thrive on. And let’s not forget our own part, human beings. When you take into account that we are directly responsible for a mind-blowing 85% of all wildfires in the US. You realize it doesn’t take much to turn a happy campfire into a blazing inferno, scorching the land.  

But there are ways you can give back and help nature. Plant new trees and rebuild habitats, even if you can't pick up a shovel right now. With this initiative, we are planting new trees together with our friends at American Forests. With every item purchased on our store, a tree is planted in your name. Helping rebuild habitats and creating a huge difference in the lives of local wildlife.

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  • These animals are at the mercy of climate change AND humans! We need to help them by protecting our forest. Forest are such an important part of our ego system, and if they are compromised, so is our lives.

    Barbara Pate
  • Planting a tree is so important. I have trees planted to commemorate a loved one or friend! This way they live on .

    Doris Midili
  • We need to do our part in bringing our trees back and helping the wildlife get back!!! The habitats need to take care of our animals as it should. We cause a lot of our own problems so we need to take care of it!!

    Pamela Taranto
  • Will order bracelet.

    Anna Bergalis

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