Help protect the last 20,000 African lions left in the wild

Trophy hunting and habitat destruction are pushing the African Lion to the brink of extinction. As of 2021, only 20,000 lions left in the wild, a 90% drop in 3 decades. In another 20 years, without protection, lions will be extinct.

A Trophy Hunter will pay in excess of $70,000 for the dubious pleasure of killing one adult male lion. It is a blood sport that is drawing the richest people in the world to hunt out Africa's last remaining lions.

See how you can help! 

Cecil, the fallen king

Cecil, was a 13 year old black maned lion who lived primarily in Zimbabwe's Hwange National Park a strict "No Hunt Zone". Cecil was being studied and tracked by a research team from the University of Oxford as part of a long-term study.

It is alleged that in July 2015 local hunting guides dragged the carcass of an African elephant killed earlier in the week to roughly 300 meters (330 yd) from the park's perimeter to lure Cecil out of the protected area. 

Once outside the park's area, an American dentist who paid for the hunt shot and wounded Cecil with an arrow from his compound bow. It took another 10 hours for the poor animal to finally pass away, as the hunters watched his every painful move. 

Cecil's body was then skinned and his head was removed. When the lion's headless skeleton, already scavenged by vultures, was eventually found by park investigators, his tracking collar was also missing. It was later found dumped a few kilometers away. 

Unfortunately Cecil is one of countless other lions to meet this horrific fate. 

What you can do to help 

As humans, we have a huge impact on this planet, and a huge responsibility. If we don't step in right now, Trophy Hunting will wipe out the remaining lion population. 

Unfortunately most people will never act, and let these lions slowly demise. 

But you can decide to be different today, maybe better than most, and make a difference! 

What can you do?

Your purchase of our Lion Protector Bracelet will mean that we can protect the last 20,000 lions that live in the wild today.  Wear this symbol of responsibility and spread the word. 

The more you share and write your personal thoughts on the matter, the more chance we have to save the declining lion population. Educate others, share this message, and raise awareness. 

If you want to share your efforts with the world, our Lion Protector Bracelet sends a clear message on which side you are on!  



  • Killing living creatures for trophies is a heartless shame. STOP THIS NOW!

    Cheryl Parker
  • No a la caza de animales.

  • STOP !!!

  • Please save these lions. Those poor animals shot just for the ego of scumbags who are heartless and cruel and deserve to be made to suffer big time. This video tore my heart out I am so devastated by this cruelty.

    Janice Strong
  • Humans Assassins and ignorant

    Binho Queiroz

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