Responding to the coronavirus: A Treehuggers community update

Dear Treehuggers,

Like us, we know you are aware of the global impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) and are probably exhausted by all the information coming your way.

This unsettling time marches us into a new and unknown era. We are all being threatened by new rules and regulations. New restrictions and limitations, uncertain about the future and how it will unfold.

We don’t want to add to the overload, with that said, we do want to let you know how we are handling things here at Treehuggers.

The safety and wellbeing of our community is our highest priority right now and we are closely following government advice to make the best decisions along with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners.

As many of you may have noticed, our supply chain has already been tested by the outbreak ever since late January, with shipping delays plaguing us. We have since been able to bounce back and have shipped out most pending orders, we are happy to say that by next week we will catch up to the demand again and offer much shorter shipping times. Thank you immensely for your patience and for sticking with us in these hard times.

In the coming few weeks we will be launching some new designs and continuing our work to help fund planting projects all over the world. In Australia, our first trees will be planted this March 21 by Reforest Now. We will of course update with photos and videos from the planting event. 

Now more than ever we wish to share a bit of positivity and send you our best wishes.  

While it is true that none of us can be certain about how the new covid-19 situation will pan out, we can be certain that the sun will rise again tomorrow. The leaves will blow and the trees will grow, this will all end eventually.

We will step out into the sun again. Stronger, happier and hopefully smarter. Ready to continue working together as people, meeting and challenging the ever-existing challenges of deforestation and climate change.

Stay safe & remember, we are in this together!


  • Protecting the earth with love starts with planting and maintaining forests.

    Chen Hsiang Hung
  • I really don’t understand how some people don’t believe that the population (not just us humans) are in a crisis that is global warming. I’m not one that thinks we’re killing the earth. The planet will be fine or even better without us (humans). We are destroying what life will be like for future generations. Mother Earth will take her revenge for the damage we have caused and kills us all. These wildfires and super storms are just the beginning. Maybe we can at least slow down our extinction by buying electric cars and eating less meat etc. but it has to start now. We need to elect officials who support these actions while making tough decisions in our own lives. I just hope everyone wakes up to what’s happening…..

    Matthew Motiuk

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