Our trees are doing well in Brazil!

Treehuggers Bracelets was established in 2019 in the wake of the Amazon rainforest fires. We were shocked as was the rest of the world by the magnitude of the fires who ravaged through 2,240,000 acres of rainforest, leaving daunting images of scorched earth and burned trees. 

We mobilized and decided that we too can make a difference, and boy did we. Our trees not only help restore local eco-systems, but they also serve as a way for local inhabitants to work together and enjoy a day of planting and relaxation. Together with our partners at One Tree Planted we are helping restore Brazil's devastated rainforest and bring a little bit of joy to the area.  

We are proud to be a business that cares for our environment, its the only one that we have. We wish others would follow, because it is up to each and every one of us to make a difference! 

You can make a difference! 🌲 

You can follow up with our progress on the Why Trees? section of our website. 

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