750 Million Native Australian Animals Are Now Under Threat. Here’s How You Can Help Save Them.

Australia’s native forests are home to many unique wildlife and plants, but each year, 500,000 trees are bulldozed and without urgent action, it’s estimated we’ll lose 750 Million native animals within the next 10 years alone. 

Luckily, there is hope. Reforest Now, our Australian planting partners have planted over 30,000 trees in Australia since 2017 thanks to the support of individual donors, volunteers, business partners and organizations.

These 30,000 trees might not seem much, but that adds up to over 5,500 tons of carbon dioxide pulled out of our air over the trees’ lifetime. These trees will provide carbon offset for roughly 240 families over a year. With your help, more trees will be planted to save Australia’s diverse wildlife from destruction and reduce the carbon footprint. 

Here’s how you can help save millions of native animals in Australia.

For every Koala Habitat Restoration Band purchased from our store, one tree is planted in Australia. The simple act of purchasing a restoration band is an easy way to do so much! Give back to nature, start an important conversation, inspire others, be part of a greater good and make a difference in the world around you. 

Get your Koala Habitat Restoration Band today and help save Australia’s endangered wildlife from vanishing.



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