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Lewis the koala dies one week after being rescued from Australian fires

The now-famous koala named Lewis has died in a local koala hospital just days after a local woman saved him from a wildfire in the Australian region of New South Wales. Lewis was treated for his wounds, but they were so severe he could not be saved. 

A total of 116 bush and grass fires are burning across NSW with 56 uncontained and more than 2000 firefighters in the field being supported by aircraft. 

Blazes continue to burn across eastern Australia. Nine people have died and hundreds of homes have been destroyed since the emergency began in November.

The impact on wildlife is unknown, but vast areas of habitat have been scorched.  Officials fear the toll on native flora and woodland will be immense.

The country's koala populations have been a major victim of the bushfires, with thousands of the animals feared killed.



  • Diana Holston

    I cry for all the lost babies

  • Joy

    Hi Terri, My heart breaks💔 for these animals and after seeing the video of Lewis I just Cried 😥
    I Love Animals. In April it will be 2 yrs that My Girl Roxy passed ( she was a toy Pomeranian, it was very unexpected. I Still cry for Her Everyday. I Cry as I type this. I will post on my Instagram the website.
    I bought a bracelet for my 11 year old niece for a gift, at her age she is very concerned about our precious animals being protected 🥰
    If I was Wealthy I Would Give So Much More. Now I do what I can.
    I also posted for savemykoalas ❤️

  • Carolyn M Cain

    At least I managed to buy a few bracelets as gifts to people who will appreciate what they went for.

  • Louise

    What is happening in Australia is heartbreaking, especially all these Beautiful Animals, The Whole World needs to help Australia to rebuild people’s homes, business & off course the vulnerable wildlife.

  • Maya

    Please help the Koalas and help Austria

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