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How can you inspire your friends and family to help save our planet? It’s easier than you think.

When you play your part in saving the planet and making this world a more wonderful place to live in, you naturally want to share your good deed with others. 

But often, sharing articles or news of your recent donations on Facebook often goes unnoticed. 

It’s frustrating, because you want to inspire others. But often, social posts and conversations can leave people feeling patronized, guilty, or even embarrassed. 

So, how exactly can we inspire others to help save the planet, without pushing them away? 

Recently, our customers have told us that by wearing their Koala Habitat Restoration Band at social events or even around the home, they’ve noticed friends and family become curious.

“What’s that you're wearing, Julia?” 

“Oh, this? It’s a Koala Habitat Restoration Band” 

“Oh, that’s nice. What’s it for?”

“Well, for every band you buy, a tree is planted in Australia and you also get to help restore koala habitats destroyed in the recent Australian bushfires...” 

These conversations are powerful. Not only can they break the ice at parties, but they’re a natural way to show people what you stand for and gain their respect. 

And thanks to the help of our planting partners and TreeguggersBracelets.com conversations like this are starting to happen all over the world.

If you’d like to start a similar conversation with your friends, family or even strangers, purchasing a Koala Habitat Restoration Band is one simple thing you can do to inspire them to help support millions of Australian animals, native trees and diverse plants facing deforestation.

Help Restore Lost Habitats - Click Here!


  • Mary E. O'Shea

    Any animal no matter where it is needs our respect and protection. Any organization we can join or any small part we can play in helping our precious animals is worth doing. We need more compassionate and helpful people.

  • Janice Crutchfield

    I get comments on mine all the time, people like what it stands for…..

  • Luciletaylor

    God bless Australia!!!

  • Catherine Mazzoni

    We need to worry a lot more about our animals in the zoos and in the wild so many are starving and mistreated the government’s need to do something to help them.

  • Tammy Mackey

    I love ❤️ 🐨

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