Come on... What virus?

If you would have told someone only a month ago that our healthcare systems will not survive a mass outbreak. That the number of sick people will overwhelm hospitals, that doctors will not be prepared for a global epidemic and that we would all be forced to stay home in fear of a virus... You'd be laughed at and be called an apocalyptic zombie theorist. "That will never happen, you kook". Problem is, that science has been warning us about an upcoming epidemic for years, we simply chose to ignore the warning. Sounds familiar? 

Pants down...

We are currently experiencing what it is like to be caught off guard. We were not ready for a worldwide virus outbreak although we had plenty of warnings in the past with Ebola, SARS, and MERS. We should have been better prepared, and yet here we are, locked down, scared for our future. Alone and in mayhem. This raises a serious question about our ability to be ready for other events science has been warning us about for years! 

Yay! It's climate change!

This forced halt of our daily lives may be a turning point in the way we treat our environment. Our forced seclusion and alienation may be exactly what we need, to pause and realize that we have to start changing. We have to adapt in the way we work, in the way we eat, consume recycle and reuse. In the way we deal with our CO2 and other greenhouse gases, the number of cars on the road, and factories polluting our lakes. But also improve in the number of trees we plant and oceans we clean. In the number of species we save, including our own. In the way we treat each other and work together. We must be better informed, we must be better prepared. And we must be ready to be brave and create change. Or we will be "blindsided" by nature again. We won't see it coming although we have been warned about it for years.

So take a breath, it won't kill you :)

It may take time but we will live on, past COVID-19. We will overcome this virus and step outside again. Hopefully into a world a little bit calmer, where people don't pollute as much and nature can breathe. Where we learn to live in peace with our environment and not try to harm it. We will step outside again into a world looking to make itself better. 

Together we can make the world green again!



  • Love the blog. New to treehuggers but have been a “hugger” for years. Have planted trees in our Oregon mountains and my yard is full of them. Wish i could hug a Koala, but i will have one of you plant a tree for them from me.

    Deborah Ann Stubblefield
  • Love it! You must be part of my tribe! THANK YOU!

    Letitia Reason

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