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Australian fires, the aftermath: Now is the time to act!

Rains have finally hit the scorched Australian landscape helping put out some of the major fires that have been raging in New South Wales for the past months. While not all fires are completely extinguished, firefighters are now hopeful that the remaining fires will be contained within the next few days. 

The rain has come as a blessing for wildlife, although it does contain it's share of problems arising from the recent fires. With no trees or vegetation to hold down the water, soil erosion and warnings of mudslides have been issued. The rains have also flooded residential areas causing massive damages to property. 


In the months to come, restoration efforts will need to go into high gear. With over 11 million hectares of land burned (almost the land size of England), over 30 people killed by the fires and well over 1 billion animals presumed perished. 

While it is true that a lot of Australia's native plants and trees are accustomed to a cycle of fire and rejuvenation, the magnitude of this year's fire season is so immense that human intervention will be a must in the road to recuperation. 

Reforestation efforts will assist native flora in growing back and will provide habitats lost in the fires for all manner of native animals helping them bounce back, creating healthy ecosystems that will flourish once more. 

Planting trees is one of the most effective ways to restore the land. 



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