Animals Reclaiming The World!

Have you seen the recent photos and videos coming from around the world? Amazingly, while most of us humans are locked in and slowed down, nature has been having one giant party!

Kangaroos running in the streets of Adelaide, alligators free in South Carolina. Mother nature has been keeping busy while we are moving less and polluting much less. 

The discussion around Covid-19 and its effects on wildlife has been a heated one. While watching these images strikes an emotional chord, we have to remember that they won't last long. Human beings are starting to emerge back into the world, and it is our hope that when we all come back, we will come back more empathetic towards nature, but also, better prepared to take on a challenge. 

Because our biggest challenge is yet to come in the fight against climate change. 

Maybe we shouldn't wait for a pandemic to send us into shock, maybe we can fight for nature on a day to day basis and start making a difference from the ground level. Maybe having a cleaner environment doesn’t need to be just something that happens because of a human emergency. A cleaner environment should be something we fight for every day. 

During these days of Covid, we continue to hold our pledge to plant one tree for every item sold in our store.

Check out our collections and start spreading the word. 🌳 💚



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