A day spent planting!

On a nice and sunny Saturday in March, a group of heroes stepped out and did some planting. Our friends from Reforest Now arrived bright and early and got the job done! We were very proud to play a part and help fund this planting event in Northern NSW. 

The Reforest Now team, striking a pose! 

Over 60 species of trees were grown and planted specifically for this location by Reforest Now. 

The team flexing out some Treehuggers gear! 

Reforest Now is a non-profit environmental NGO based in Byron Bay, Australia on a mission to plant trees. Its vision is to turn cleared land back into the forests and rainforests that once stood in Australia spanning from NSW into the Daintree rainforest of Queensland.

This vision will only be achieved by planting on a mass scale of hundreds of thousands of trees and this is exactly what Reforest Now intends to do.

We will be there to help out some more in the future! 

For more information about this planting site, please visit Reforest Now.


Disclaimer: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, this planting event was carried out by Reforest Now personnel along with the residents of the property and was not open to the public.  


  • Just ordered my bracelet. Am excited to help. Have always wanted to visit Australia. God bless ya’ll and stay safe.🙏🐨

    Deborah Walker
  • Wish i was helping, but i bought a bracelet, may get more, plant on my friends, God Bless your work. Oregon Treehugger here

    Deborah Stubblefield
  • This is such a wonderful task these people are doing to bring back Australia…such a beautiful country; one I would love to visit. I love my bracelet from Treehuggers and was happy to help in some little way. Best of luck with this huge endeavour and a big round of applause and gratitude to all who are working so diligently at keeping Australia the beautiful country it is. Be safe and keep well!
    A huge fan from Canada! 🇨🇦❤️

    Beverly Reid
  • Thank you you all are wonderful/ so very glad I could help in a small way

    Suzanne McClure
  • Beautiful🌻😊


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